Welcome to the Université Grenoble Alpes nomination portal for exchange students.

To nominate your students:
  • Log in. If it is your first nomination at UGA: click on "Log in" and create your account, edit your password via the confirmation email. Check your spams if you do not receive any email
  • Fill in "UGA Exchange Nominations 2024-25" as many times as necessary until the deadlines mentioned below*.
  • If there is any change please inform the International Relations Office of the host faculty.
* We remind you that students will have to follow the majority of their courses in a host faculty. To help you to identify the faculty you can consult disciplines and teaching levels of all faculties and our course catalogue for exchange students.

Nominations deadlines
Mobilities for the 1st semester and full year
You may submit your nominations for the second semester at the same time if you have already selected your students.
From March 15th
to April 30th, 2024
Mobilities for the 2nd semester From August 30th
to September 30th, 2024
Warning: We do not accept nominations sent after the deadlines.